2 Samuel L. Jackson Movies Are Dominating Netflix Currently

With well around 150 credits below his belt and a lofty position as the one most commercially profitable actor in the record of cinema with a cumulative career box office gross of above $27 billion and counting, it should not be stunning that a Samuel L. Jackson movie is proving to be hugely popular on Netflix.

After all, he’s just one of the most uniquely charismatic onscreen presences of the final 30 years, no matter whether he’s providing one particular of his signature foul-mouthed monologues, displaying up for a paycheck in a cut price basement motion thriller or spouting reams of exposition in a significant finances blockbuster like only he can. At this level, all Jackson would have to do to convince people that just one of his videos is value checking out is turn up and connect with somebody a motherf*cker.

In actuality, there are two of the 72 yr-old’s assignments dominating the Netflix Top 10 most-watched checklist right now, and they couldn’t be far more various. The first is satirical mockumentary Death to 2020 from the mind of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, which ropes in a gaggle of famous faces as fictional specialists to have them pass judgement on the dumpster fire that was the final twelve months, and it’s nonetheless the 3rd most-viewed title throughout the world 13 times immediately after it was produced.

The next is a single of his additional forgettable and formulaic actioners, with 2003’s S.W.A.T. enjoying extremely properly over the very last 7 days or so, and it is at present the eighth most-watched movie in the United States. Plainly, then, subscribers are far more than satisfied to commit the to start with week of 2021 in the organization of Samuel L. Jackson, which admittedly does audio like a pretty great way to ring in the new calendar year.

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