5 Reasons Why You Should Seek Professional Help With Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried all possible ‘tips’ with little to zero results? The underlying problem may be your habits and behaviors towards food.

For instance, do you snack when you are upset? Do you binge eat when you feel hungry? Or may you eat while watching television? All these ‘little’ habits that go unnoticed make a huge difference.

5 Reasons why you should seek a weight loss dietitian

1. Food Experts

Dietitians are food experts. Nobody knows food as well as they do. At a minimum, dietitians must have a university degree, so you can trust they will provide reliable and trustworthy information.

A dietitian will take a holistic view of your current diet and choices and explain how your current food choices and habits may be inhibiting weight loss and affecting your health.

2. Personalized Nutrition

Everyone is different. No one nutrition or diet plan will work for everyone. A weight loss dietitian will take a look at your current food relationship.

This includes looking at your eating habits, behaviors, and lifestyle. By taking a holistic view of their choices, they can develop a personal nutrition plan to consider all these habits and behaviors.

3. The non-diet approach

Restricting your calories to lose weight is one of the hardest things to do. You are hungry, tired, and agitated, which may cause hormonal imbalances leading to many problems, including weight gain, irregular menstruation, and so much more.

A non-diet approach shifts the focus from calories to habits and behavior change. It will be easier to make better choices when you understand why you eat what you eat and when you eat it.

4. Successful and sustainable weight loss

A weight loss dietitian will help you make long-term changes to achieve your goals.

The focus shifts from counting calories to increasing your awareness and mindfulness of internal body cues and external food triggers to achieve more sustainable results.

The non-dieting approach avoids the common dieting behaviors like constant calorie counting and eating foods you dislike.

5. Motivation and support

When you choose to go with a professional to help you lose weight, they don’t just create a diet plan. They will monitor your changes and help you stay on track.

A good weight loss dietitian schedules regular check-ins with you to ensure you continuously progress toward your goals!

You have a personal assistant to help you every step of the way. Aside from regular check-ins, you can ask questions and ask for any support you may need throughout the program.


In summary, seeking professional help to lose weight is so important. Stop crash dieting, and binge eating and instead invest your money and time into something that works – behavior change.

Get a full understanding of your habits so you can challenge them and empower yourself to make better choices in the future. The non-diet approach is the new approach to successful weight loss.

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