Best 6 Tips To Lose Weight During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives, including our physical and mental health.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy diet has become more difficult with quarantine and social isolation measures. As a result, numerous people have developed unhealthy eating practices, leading to weight gain and deteriorating health.

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle during quarantine! This article will discuss six weight loss and fitness maintenance strategies for use during quarantine.

Best 6 Tips To Lose Weight During Quarantine

1. Make a plan

Preparation may appear straightforward, but it is crucial, especially during quarantine. With limited opportunities to leave home, boredom can easily lead to unhealthy snack consumption. To avoid this, construct a grocery list and only purchase foods you know you will eat to maintain your weight loss goals.

Without a purchasing list, you risk making impulsive purchases and sneaking in non-diet-compliant unhealthy treats. If you construct a plan, you can make healthy decisions and adhere to your weight loss goals.

2. Be aware of portion sizes

During quarantine, the primary sources of amusement are watching television and playing video games. However, monitoring what you consume while engaging in these activities is essential. Who does not enjoy popcorn or their favorite snack while viewing a film or playing a game?

To avoid consuming excess calories, purchase the proper foods, and if you intend to consume a refreshment, ensure that it falls within your daily calorie limit.

3. Eat foods high in Fiber

A caloric deficit is the most crucial aspect of weight loss. Dietary restriction and physical activity are the most effective methods for creating a caloric deficit.

Eating fiber-rich foods is an excellent way to reduce caloric intake and provides numerous health benefits.

Not only does fiber delay digestion, keeping you satiated for longer, but it also eliminates harmful bacteria from the digestive tract. By consuming high-fiber foods, you will feel fuller for longer and experience natural detoxification benefits.

4. Get up and move

Maintaining physical activity during quarantine can be challenging, but it is essential for preserving health and losing weight. Accept responsibility for your physical activity level and commit to walking or sprinting at least three miles daily.

If you have a pedometer, an app, or a wearable that monitors your steps, aim for 10,000 steps per day.

Why? Because 10,000 steps expend approximately 500 calories. One pound of weight loss requires 3,500 calories per week, or 500 calories per day for seven days.

5. Stay hydrated

Hydration is crucial for general health, especially during quarantine. Juicy fruits, flavored water, and heated beverages all provide fluids. Reduce your intake of carbonated beverages and smoothies, as they may contain excessive sugar. It is suggested that smoothie consumption be limited to 150ml per day.

Hydration is essential for the effective functioning of the body, including the regulation of hormones, body temperature, and appetite.

6. Eat nutritious foods

As previously stated, monitoring your daily caloric intake is crucial, but the content of those calories is also essential.

Eating nutrient foods modifies appetite-regulating hormones and promotes a positive, energized disposition. This will help you consume fewer calories and move more, increasing your caloric deficit.


Dietary restriction and exercise, especially high-intensity interval training, are the most effective ways to lose weight during quarantine.


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