7 Best Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Overall Health

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be so hard. Too many of us make drastic changes to our routines and end up not sticking to them.

If you wish to improve your health, the key is small, incremental changes you can stick to over time.

Read on for some nutrition tips that will improve your diet and your health in a big way, even though the changes themselves are quite small.

7 Best Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Overall Health

1. Eat a Big Breakfast

Do you have the bad habit of skipping breakfast, rushing through your mornings, and then chowing down on a muffin and a large coffee to compensate? If you do, that’s an easy and monumental shift you can make in your daily routine.

After a long night of fasting (you can’t eat if you are sleeping), your body is eager for some nutrition, especially lean protein and carbohydrates.

That’s why if you can adjust your schedule to wake up 15 minutes earlier or prepare healthy grab-and-go snacks like breakfast sandwiches or omelet muffins, you can avoid the early morning crash and unhealthy food intake. Don’t ignore your body’s nutritional desires in the morning.

Mothers usually emphasize that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day for a reason.

Make breakfast the biggest meal of the day, and reduce your caloric intake as the day goes on, with dinner being the smallest meal (most people do the opposite). This way, your body can rest at night instead of trying to digest and process a heavy meal.

2. Variety Is the Spice of Life

Are you the kind of person who eats the same thing day in and day out? You’ve formed a routine, and now you stick to it like a religion.

Your body needs many vitamins and minerals, which cannot be received from four or five food items. You must eat various foods if you want to give your body all it needs.

This includes all the colors of the rainbow and all the different kinds of grains out there. Try out various grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Find different kinds of seafood or wild game you have never eaten. Try red quinoa or dragonfruit if you haven’t tried it before. This way, you will keep your tongue from getting bored and your body from missing certain nutrients.

3. Snack Mindfully and Smartly

Too many of us snack all day long without thinking about it. We finish a family-size packet of chips or popcorn and wonder why we still feel hungry.

The problem is that you are snacking, not because you like the taste of the snacks, but because your body is actually hungry and trying to get in calories.

If you start making snack time more mindful and conscious, you can choose items that satisfy your cravings (for salt or crunch) and your body’s desire for additional calories and nutrients.

Start building snack packets, like hummus with crackers, veggies, or boiled eggs that you can crack open for instant protein. This way, you won’t eat birthday cake at the office or fast food from a drive-through.

4. Don’t Forget About the Big 3

Do you know the three most important things to remember when eating healthy and wanting to lose weight?

The big 3 are nutrition, physical movement, and stress reduction. If you wish to improve your health, consider adding some physical movement to your day and thinking about reducing your overall stress.

Using stairs instead of the elevator, walking with your fur baby, or doing restorative yoga before sleep are great ways to add movement to your day.

Also, think about saying ‘no’ more often to activities that don’t nurture you and being alright with staying home and missing out.

5. Plan Out Your Meals

Like you plan out your outfits for the week or how you plan for the weekend, the same thing applies to planning your meals.

If you don’t deliberately plan what you will eat each day, you will end up going along with the flow and eating unhealthily or overeating.

Ensure your cupboards and fridge are stocked with healthy options and fresh foods.

This way you always have something at hand to cook up a great nutritional meal. And you need an excuse to order takeout or go to a fast-food restaurant.

6. Increase Your Fibre Intake

You’ve probably heard this nutritional tip a million times before, but there’s a very good reason why nutritional coaches are always harping on about it.

Fibre is king for making you feel full, helping you eat less, giving you better digestive health, promoting gut biome health, and so much more.

If you wish for one tip to take away from this nutrition guide, this is it. Eat as much fiber as you can. You can eat fiber in the form of fruits or vegetables.

There are many ways to do it! You can start adding a salad to your meals. Or you can start drinking fruit smoothies with lots of berries for breakfast.

7. Save Fun Meals for the Weekend

Don’t forget to have fun in your healthy lifestyle. All work and no play make Jack or Jill an unhealthy person. You can save those meals for the weekend if you wish to have a cheat meal. Meanwhile, you should try eating healthy during the week as much as possible.

Of course, sometimes nights out with friends or heavy dinners with family (date night, anyone?) are unavoidable. Don’t worry too much about it; just do what you can.

Final Thought

As with everything related to nutrition, it’s best to keep things simple and easy. Start small and incrementally add changes to your day and routine. That way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and quit when it gets too difficult.

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