Medicare and Assisted Living Services – How Does A Home Health Agency Operate?

Home health agency in Houston is dedicated to the entire health of the person receiving services. These include skilled nursing care, occupational and physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and other medically skilled assistance, such as medical social work, physical and occupational rehabilitation, and intensive therapy. These are provided by various qualified health care practitioners at the home where the patient is confined. The houston home health agency staff is trained and experienced in providing care to the patients.

Holistic Approach

Most home health care agencies use a holistic approach to promoting health. This means that treatment includes preventative measures, dietary supplements, therapeutic exercise programs, stress management, and life-safety measures. In some cases, home health services are supplemented with medication treatments, such as anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications. The agency then provides 24-hour-care supervision.

There are certain conditions in which a home health agency in Houston is not allowed to provide certain services. For instance, services may be denied if the patient poses a threat to self-harm or even suicide. Certain medications are also not allowed if the patient is suffering from a severe and life-threatening illness, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. Also, the agency may refuse to give Medicare or Medicaid benefits to a patient if they receive any money from outside sources, such as a grant or scholarship.

Constant Rehabilitation

Certain medical conditions also require that the patient is in constant rehabilitation. Home health agencies in Houston cannot provide this type of care unless the resident is completely fit and can move around. The only exception to this is if the person is severely physically disabled and cannot walk more than 200 feet or if the condition causes them to require physical therapy. Conditions such as heart failure, respiratory disease, diabetes, lung disease, blindness, and neuromuscular problems are usually not covered by Medicare, but home health care agencies are not required to treat these conditions. If a home health agency in Houston does refuse to cover a certain procedure, the patient may file a suit against the facility.


You should be able to access home health care agencies in Houston through your insurance provider. The agency should have certified personnel, who should be willing to provide you with information on how you can get help with your condition. If you are interested in the services offered by the agency, you should fill out an application form and submit it to the agency. This is very similar to applying for care at a nursing home or other inpatient service. The agency will provide you with all the details, when you need to make the payment, and how much your monthly payments are.

Medicare Advantage Plans cover some of the expenses paid for skilled care in the home. However, to ensure that the agency is not submitting claims for services that are not received. Also, Medicare Part B requires agencies to provide certain specified assistance for nursing home abuse or neglect. To be certified as an Advantage Plan provider, home health agencies in Houston must meet certain standards, including meeting the requirements for proof of financial responsibility.

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