Dog seriously injured after Bobcat enters Arizona home


Bobcat from Southern Arizona discovered the perfect warm and cosy spot to lay down – however, it was in a home and inside the dog’s bed.

Unfortunately, the bobcat was also severely hurting the dog.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department posted two pictures of the bobcat on Twitter, declaring that it’s believed to have entered via an open doggie gate at a house within San Manuel, just outside of Tucson.

The large cat was observed sitting on a pet bed, surrounded by toys. When help arrived, the bobcat had disappeared.

The department advises against taking care of injured or trapped wildlife. Instead, call Arizona Game and Fish’s Wildlife Center at 623-236-7201 as soon as possible.

There were no reports of humans or animals getting injured. But the next day, the department announced that the dog, Squeakers, was injured.

The family claims that the surgery cost more than $3000 and needs help with medical bills. Donate to their GoFundMe page and keep track of the Squeakers’ recovery journey.


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